DAA and Eircom Offer Unlimited Free WiFi At Dublin Airport

September 10, 2012

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and eircom are delighted to announce that they are now offering unlimited free WiFi at Dublin Airport for all users without registration.

The eircom WiFiHub service was launched at Dublin Airport in December last year and more than one million passengers have so far availed of the service. The enhancements to the service being announced today see all charges relating to the service waived, making it easier for passengers to avail of free WiFi at Dublin Airport.

To access free WiFi at the airport, passengers simply need to log on to either the Dublin Airport Free WiFi network or the free eircom WiFiHub network and click the “continue to surf” button on the homepage. Users can also download the free eircom WiFiHub app which is available from the Android and Apple stores. There is no signup or logon process and consumers can surf for free for as long as they wish.

“Dublin Airport is one of the few capital city airports in Europe to offer its customers free WiFi and this move puts us well ahead of the vast majority of our peers,” said DAA commercial director, Maurice Hennessy.

“eircom has worked closely with the DAA to deliver a high quality WiFi service at the airport and we are delighted that DAA in partnership with eircom can now offer this service for free to all airport users in a user friendly manner,” said Elaine Robinson, eircome’s director of products and strategy, consumer and small business.

“WiFi is becoming increasingly important in our day-to-day lives and there is real demand for fast, reliable hassle free WiFi access. Dublin Airport is the largest WiFi location in Ireland and supplied 22,290 WiFi sessions on the busiest day so far this year. We already have more than 1,000 eircom WiFiHub hotspots across the country and we are continuing to invest in the rollout of our service which will significantly increase our footprint.”

In July alone, there were more than 600,000 WiFi sessions at Dublin Airport with customers spending 218,680 hours accessing the internet. “That’s equivalent to one person spending almost 25 years online,” according to Mr Hennessy.

The WiFiHub service at Dublin Airport originally offered free WiFi for 10 minutes, with a €1 charge for a full day’s access, once the free period had expired. DAA and eircom have now agreed to waive all charges and remove the sign-up process.

Most European airports still charge for WiFi (see table below). It costs £3 per hour at London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, €4.50 for 90 minutes in Paris Charles de Gaulle after an initial free 15 minutes, and €4.95 per hour in Frankfurt after a free 30 minute period.

 Airport  WiFi Costs
 Dublin  Free
 Birmingham  Free
 Vienna  Free
 London Heathrow  £3 per hour
 London Gatwick  £3 per hour
 London Stansted  £3 per hour
 Paris Charles de Gaulle  €4.50 for 90 mins, 1st 15 mins free
 Frankfurt  €4.95 per hour, 1st 30 mins free
 Munich  €4.95 per hour, 1st 30 mins free
 Madrid Barajas  €5 for 30 minutes
 George Best Belfast City  £5.99 for 90 mins
 Belfast International  £5.99 for 90 mins
 Amsterdam Schiphol  €6.00 for 30 mins, 1st hour free


The full UK and Ireland survey is at www.cheapflights.co.uk/travel-tips/wireless-access-at-uk-and-irish-airports/ with the results of the European survey at www.cheapflights.co.uk/travel-tips/wifi-access-at-europes-busiest-airports/


Further information:

Paul O’Kane, DAA, 353 1 8141897,  353 86 6090221

Clare O’Riordan, eircom 353 1 600 6360, 353 85 174 6360