daa Announces Record January at Dublin Airport

February 13, 2023

daa Announces Record January at Dublin Airport+ daa’s Airports at Dublin and Cork Served 2.27 Million Passengers in January

Dublin, Wednesday, February 8: Dublin Airport enjoyed its busiest January ever with just over 2.1 million passengers travelling through during the opening month of the year, according to the airport’s operator daa.The number of passengers travelling through Dublin Airport in January was 2% higher than in January 2019 – the previous record January – and more than double (113%) the numbers seen in January 2022. The early part of January saw some very busy days at Dublin Airport as thousands of people travelled home after the Christmas break. Nevertheless, security screening moved smoothly throughout January with 95.7% of passengers passing through in less than 20 minutes and virtually all through in under 30 minutes. At Cork Airport, the other Irish airport operated by daa, the number of passengers in January totalled 162,000, which was 149% higher than January 2022 and 12% higher than January 2019. Passenger numbers at Cork Airport in 2023 are forecast to increase by almost 10% to around 2.4 million.Overall, the total number of passengers carried by daa’s two Irish operated airports during January this year was 2.27 million, up from 2.15 million in January 2019 and 956,000 in January 2022.Reacting to the January performance at daa’s Irish airports, daa CEO Kenny Jacobs said: “January saw monthly passengers at Dublin Airport surpass pre-pandemic levels for the very first time. The volume of people travelling through both Dublin and Cork airports during January shows the continued strong appetite that exists for overseas travel post-Covid. The addition of an extra Bank Holiday weekend in February, combined with Valentine’s Day and the mid-term school break, means February will be another very busy month at both airports.““The busiest day at Cork Airport during the month was Tuesday, January 3 with 6,900 passengers travelling through, while the busiest day at Dublin Airport was Monday, January 2 with 88,900 passengers. The most popular destination from both Dublin and Cork airports was London Heathrow. In total, 78% of flights from Cork Airport departed on time in January, while 76% were on time leaving Dublin Airport.”“We are expecting and planning for another busy year at Dublin Airport and the main focus is on improving security queue times and our standards in both terminals, but especially Terminal 1. Moving through the terminals is already easier and more enjoyable for passengers following a recent de-cluttering. We have listened to feedback from passengers and have ear-marked a number of areas for additional seating. A big emphasis is also being placed on improving basic services such as toilets and general cleanliness. Work to further improve the Dublin Airport experience will accelerate over the coming weeks and months,” added Mr Jacobs.

January 2023 in Numbers at daa’s Irish Airports
Cork Airport Dublin Airport
Number of Passengers 161,000 Number of Passengers 2,116, 431
Number of Flights 1,267 Number of Flights 16,976
Through Security in <20 mins 97.7% Through Security in <20 mins 95.7%
Busiest Day for Travel January 3 (6,900 passengers) Busiest Day for Travel January 2 (88,900 passengers)
Busiest Destination London Heathrow Busiest Destination London Heathrow
Flights Departing On-Time 78% Flights Departing On-Time 76%