We are committed as an organisation to continue to create a culture where our colleagues feel supported and engaged and where opportunities are provided for personal and professional growth.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


daa is committed to a workplace environment that promotes respect, equality, diversity, and inclusion and to creating an open culture where everyone feels valued.

Gender Balance


daa continues to focus on and encourage the development and promotion of female employees into more senior roles across daa to ensure there is an equitable gender balance within the organisation.



One of our core supports is the provision of an occupational health provider which is available to our people seven days a week to provide guidance on any health concerns.


daa has a long-standing track record of working and engaging with our local communities. daa is fully committed to being a responsible airport operator and a good neighbour. We are committed to supporting social and sustainable development whilst recognising and valuing diverse needs in our local communities

Community Fund


Dublin Airport’s €10 million Community Fund supports supports local projects that make a positive contribution to our neighbouring communities.

International Support


daa works closely with our international airport partners across our businesses, supporting ESG funds and initiatives in the relevant countries in which we operator.



daa works closely with local artists in countries we operate in, commissioning art pieces. daa is also a proud sponsor of the Business to Arts Awards.