Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation is the European standard for carbon management and emission reductions at airports. This certification programme, specifically designed for airports, has received widespread support and endorsements from both the EU and the UN Environment Programme. Launched in June 2009, the programme has four levels of accreditation: Mapping, Reduction, Optimisation and Neutrality. Dublin and Cork airports are accredited at Level 2: “Reduction” status. This means that each airport has compiled an independently verified carbon footprint and succeeded in reducing their overall emissions and carbon footprint over the past number of years. This is a significant achievement, as we are one of only two European airport groups to have each of our airports accredited in this programme. This award is a significant milestone in the advancement of the company’s overall Sustainability strategy as it involved calculating the carbon footprint of daa’s Airports using ACI Europe’s internationally recognised methodology and independent verification.