Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. As part of the broader aviation industry, daa recognises the role that we must play in addressing this issue and we are taking action now. As well as working to move the needle on international sustainability targets, we are playing our part to ensure that Ireland can reach the necessary climate, carbon and energy goals as set out in the national Climate Action Plan. We are committed to working with all of our stakeholders to deliver on these climate and sustainability goals. To do this, we have set 3 driving principles that underpin our sustainability ambition: Decarbonisation, Circularity and creating Healthy Local Environments.


daa is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 across our group operations. This means accelerating the path to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by reducing emissions on the ground and in the air. To enable this, we are focusing on increasing energy efficiency across campus and operations while reducing our overall energy consumption. We are phasing out the use of fossil fuel for energy, replacing these with renewable energy sources, including green electricity, solar energy and biofuels. We are working to reduce all of our emissions – Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

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Low Emission Vehicles


Across our airports we are converting vehicles to electric and hybrid alternatives. 40% of Dublin Airport’s fleet comprises of LEVs.

ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation


Dublin and Cork airports have achieved Level 3+ “Neutrality” and Level 2 “Reduction” under the Airports Carbon Accreditation Scheme.

Carbon Reduction


Dublin Airport and Cork Airport have achieved -24% and -38% in carbon reduction versus 2016-2018 baseline figures in 2022.


daa is committed to achieving zero waste operations. The group is moving from pure waste management to circular principles. Circularity at daa means that we actively Rethink what we do, Reduce our use and Refuse processes and products that do not align with our circular approach. We aim to avoid the creation of waste from all of our products and services in order to really become a circular business. We are working to reduce waste at the source, while increasing the levels of recycling and composting in our operations.

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Driving Recycling


Recycling rates have been tripled by installing new facilities and delivering new training to support proper waste segregation with our staff.

Reduce Waste


Since 2010, zero waste from our operations has gone to landfill.

Circularity in Action


During major infrastructure projects, materials are sent for reuse to ensure circularity

Healthy Local Environment

daa understands the importance of, and is committed to, creating healthy local environments for the benefit of our staff, passengers and local communities, focussing on air quality, water, noise, biodiversity and positive local engagement. daa is committed to the responsible management of our operations and campuses to minimise our impact on local ecosystems and support preventing pollution. This includes the installation of air and water monitoring systems in our airports and local areas.

Read our Healthy Local Environment Policy



Our fire stations are harvesting rainwater and reusing the water collected in their operation.



1000m of hedgerows have been planted at our airports providing homes and nature corridors for animals in our eco systems.

Air Quality


Air quality is monitored at our airports and results are provided in our annual reports .

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