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daa’s principal activities include the operation and management of Dublin and Cork airports, global airport retailing through our subsidiary ARI, and international aviation consultancy with daa International. The company is State-owned and headquartered at Dublin Airport.

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daa Debt Information

As at 31 December 2023

Instrument Maturity Current Outstanding
Eurobond June 2028 €550m
Eurobond November 2032 €500m
Various EIB Facilities Amortising to 2040 €556m
Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) (€450m) March 2027 €NIL (Undrawn)

daa Debt Maturity

As at 31 December 2023

daa Debt Liquidity

As at 31 December 2023

Bond Documentation

Bond 2028 Tap 2028 Bond 2032
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daa plc (Guarantor) daa finance plc (Issuer)
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Credit Rating

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S&P Global Ratings A A-1Stable

Analyst Information

Diva Costa
Associate Director Infrastructure Ratings, EMEA
+39 917887230


The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is responsible for the regulation of airport charges at Irish airports. Dublin Airport is the only airport currently subject to economic regulation by the IAA. Determining airport charges on the basis of independent, objective and transparent criteria, as well as sound economic principles is an important principle. The IAA sets charges at Dublin Airport following submissions from daa, airlines and other interested parties. The legislation also provides that the IAA assumes responsibility for the regulation of charges for terminal services and for a number of other aviation functions that were previously the responsibility of the Minister for Public Enterprise. Details of the IAA’s decisions in relation to airport charges at Dublin Airport can be found on the IAA website.


Peter Dunne
Group Chief Financial Officer
+353 1 944 2205
Brian Healy
Deputy Group CFO
+353 1 944 2324
Andrew Glover
Group Treasury Manager
+353 1 944 2203